4,600 And Counting: Missing from Foster Care

I was working on this month's blog and then realized that I had to set it aside. Someone shared a Time Magazine article with me that threw me into a stomach-turning, loss of sleep frenzy. The report, which you can read here was entitled, "Flabbergasted, More Than 70 Children Missing from Foster Care." Intrigued by the title alone, I began reading. That was only in the State of Kansas that over 70 children were missing. Nationally, 4,600 children are unaccounted for in the foster care system. What perhaps was even more astounding to me was that everyone quoted seemed to think this was ok. There was some shrugging it off that these kids just "ran away" as if that was some justification for 4

Burning Coals of Emotional Abuse: Minimizing, Invalidating & Gas Lighting

Since the release of Garbage Bag Suitcase, I have had some interesting human encounters. I have traveled around the country and even into a few foreign countries. I have been too epic urban areas and to remote rural communities. I have spoken to groups as small as 3 and as large as 1000. I have spoken for free and paid, all in the hopes of spreading awareness about the child welfare system. I have preached to the choir, so to speak, and I have spoken to crowds who have had absolutely no idea what the journey through foster care is like for a child. I have been awed at the courage of some who have stood up and shared their stories, sometimes for the first time, besides me. I have gasped at

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