When I speak to audiences, I often end my keynote with an exercise: I ask you to begin to notice the strangers seated around you. The first one that you can make eye contact with, imagine yourself going to live with them tonight. You can take a bag of things that you already own. In fact, you can keep your job, your volunteer activities, and your car and drivers license. You can move on with your day, like you do each and every other day of your life. The only difference is that every evening, you must return to this person’s home and stay there. From the stage, I can often see people begin to look uncomfortable, sometimes just imagining living with another person at the same table as them

Christal Frost Radio (Podcast)

Today we welcomed Shenandoah Chefalo, author of the memoir “Garbage Bag Suitcase,” talking about some of the failings of the foster care system, and how that can lead to incarceration, addiction and homelessness. Then Paul Canaan, Executive Director of “Take It From The Top,” promoting their intensive musical theatre workshop coming to our area. Plus: a #GoodNewsStory about a man inspired to create a food pantry-style service for personal hygiene products. LISTEN NOW


It's almost impossible to help a child or a parent in need and not be affected by what we are seeing. This is true for any professional advocate including caseworkers, lawyers, court-appointed liaisons, medical workers and etc. We feel anger, sadness, and frustration. Often we feel we have no control over the situation. What we don't see, or truly understand sometimes, is the trauma behind the event or events. We don't see all of the elements that person experienced, how it truly affected the individual, or all of the elements that lead them to that moment. We don't feel the terror or the rage, the frustration that they feel or the total helplessness in their own life. Some of us may not be

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