The Connection Between Teachers and the Child Welfare System

I was speaking to an elementary teacher the other day and she provided some insights into how her job relates to the child welfare system. She works as a special education teacher in the South, and her job is often frustrating because she deals with parents on a daily basis who have difficulty meeting the basic needs of their children. It's hard for her to know when to bring up issues such as a child never wearing the right shoes to school to participate in PE or having roaches in his backpack. These are scenarios that occur but aren't necessarily meeting the conditions of child abuse or neglect. Her job is challenging because she must maintain a close relationship with students' parents but

Garbage Bag Suitcase is an Award Winner

It has been a busy and crazy month. As we come out of Foster Care Awareness Month, it feels like a whirlwind. In early May, we received word that Garbage Bag Suitcase had been chosen a "Gold" winner for he Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY's) in the category of E-Book Personal-Non Fiction. What an honor that was. Out of thousands of books we were chosen. In the photo above, please see Garbage Bag Suitcase's great friend and fellow advocate, Shane Inmanwho attended to award gala in New York City and accepted the award on our behalf. As if that wasn't great enough news, we received word from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association in the middle of April that Garbage Bag Suitcas

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