Self Help: More Than Just A Book

I have written before about how I was a self-help book addict. I read every book I could find, re-reading several of them and even going as far as getting them on audiobook so I could re-listen to them hundreds of times. I did this because I absolutely believed in their base principles, and, frankly, I needed a constant reminder. I would listen — and would feel good for 10 to 30 minutes afterwards. But, then life would happen; I would forget everything I learned and I would be right back to old habits until the next time I was in my car. This went on for years. I often felt more depressed the more I listened or tried to read the books. Why wasn’t I able to just do this? How come I wasn’t goo

Topeka Capital Journey-Author Talks About the Importance of CASA

For more than 20 years, well into her adulthood, Shenandoah Chefalo wouldn’t breathe a word about growing up as a foster child, concerned about how others might perceive her. But a few years ago, after she was confronted with the struggles many foster children experienced after they “aged out” of the system when they turned 18, Chefalo decided it was time to share her experiences. Chefalo, who wrote a memoir about her years in the foster care system titled “Garbage Bag Suitcase,” became an outspoken supporter of the Court Appointed Special Advocate program, which is active in more than 49 states. She brought her story to Tuesday morning’s annual “Speak Up for Children Through CASA” fundraise

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