Can Living Alone Heal Trauma? A Year to Find out

I have never really been good at relationships. Intimacy scares me, and trust is something that is earned. When I travel now, speaking about the lasting effects of my trauma and the scars of the foster care system, I spend lots of talking describing how difficult it can be to have a relationship with me. “You have to do lots of the heavy lifting, because I’m just not going to,” is what I think. People are often confused by this seeming contradiction. I’ve been in a relationship with my husband for nearly 20 years now. How is that working? He will be so happy that I’m saying this publicly, but he really does a lot of the heavy lifting in our relationship. After I aged out of foster care, I w

James Miller Lifeology Podcast

We all have experienced many difficult things in our lives. Often we allow an event or our environment to define who we are. When this happens we never reach our highest potential because we define ourselves by that particular event. Remember, an event is what you went through it's not who you are. It's the same thing with your environment, it's simply where you are today, its not your final destination. My guest today, author Shenandoah Chefalo, shares her amazing story of how she overcame her environment, and many traumatic events in the foster care system to be the incredible woman she is today. She also discusses her latest book Garbage Bag Suitcase, which gives hope to all its readers.

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