Comfort in Chaos: Understanding Trauma Brain

I make no bones about it, as a foster child, I don’t think I was an easy person to get along with and I certainly wasn’t trying to make bonds or connections with those around me. I went into foster care at the age of 13. My life prior to entering the system was one of immense dysfunction, and I had practically raised myself. My mom was rarely around, and when she was it was usually to tell me that we were moving. We moved over 50 times and I went to more than 35 schools in my life before the age of 13. Chaos had become my normal. In learning to “cover” for my mom’s actions, and watching my mom talk her way out of almost any situation, I had learned a valuable skill over my early life . . .l

KiwaniTalk -Dearborn, MI

KiwaniTalk is produced by memers of the Kiwanis Club of Dearborn, Michigan. Recently they asked me on to talk about my book, Garbage Bag Suitcase, and the status of foster care in the State of Michigan. WATCH NOW

I Want To Know (Podcast)

In this episode of I Want To Know we welcome in author and survivor of the foster care system Shenandoah Chefalo. In her new book Garbage Bag Suitcase, she talks about her life growing up with extremely abusive parents, finding her way into the foster care system, how she made it out and became successful and so much more. On the show we discuss reliving the trauma by writing this book, her problems with therapy, suicide and other aspects of her life. We also get in to the foster care system, what the main problems are, what she thinks can help fix foster care, boarding school, psychotropic drugs, helping to make a difference and so much more. This is can't-miss interview to accompany a can'

Changing The Lives of Foster Children

Plagued and embarrassed by her name, made worse by a nomadic childhood that made it impossible to build lasting relationships, Shenandoah Chefalo developed a tough skin at an early age. Along the way she learned to deal with disappointment, push through discomfort, overcome adversity and accurately gauge people, qualities that have helped her to succeed. After spending nearly 20 years as a Law Office Administrator, Shenandoah became unsettled by the ever revolving door of people into the criminal justice system and set out to find a way to change it. Please join me as she speaks about how she's taking action to change the lives of foster care children! LISTEN NOW

Creating Good Harbors: Where Human Potential & Resilience are Built

In my travels I have had the opportunity to meet lots of interesting individuals who are doing good work. But, every so often you run into someone who is struggling with making the same impact as you on the system and then an opportunity emerges. That is exactly what happened when I met Cathy Fialon. Frustrated with the unintended consequences of care that was trauma informed in the justice system, Dr. Fialon researched how organizations could implement trauma care for sustained change. Along the way, we ran into each other, and after months of figuring out what we could do to offer impactful, sustainable trauma care with organizations, we decided to open the Good Harbor Institute. Good Har

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