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Garbage Bag Suitcase: A MEMOIR (foster care awareness) with Shenandoah Chefalo Shenandoah's dreams for a stable childhood were shattered: the money she earned working at the local grocery store was taken by her foster parents to "cover her expenses." When she was in the hospital for three weeks due to serious injuries from a car accident, no one came to visit her. She realized she was more alone than before. Despite her heartbreaking circumstances, Shenandoah overcame adversities and became part of the 3% of all foster care children who get into college, and the 1% who graduate. Despite becoming a successful businesswoman and having a daughter of her own, she still suffers the long-term effe

Journey of Hope with Rodney Mathers (Podcast)

Welcome! It has been brought to my attention recently that an amazing number of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and woman are products of the foster care system. An organization called Arrow Child and Family Ministries claims their research shows 80% of all incarcerated individuals were at some point in foster care and girls in foster care are 600% more likely to become pregnant before age 21. I did see some slightly lower percentages in an NPR report and some other places but everywhere I looked in preparation for this week's interview had truly shocking numbers. I'm sure there are some very loving foster care environments that provide an atmosphere to flourish and grow in as wel

Healing Trauma: One Grocery Store Line at a Time

There’s a women standing in front of me at the grocery store. I can see her fidgeting, shifting her weight back and forth. She glances my way and gives me the “what is taking so long” look as she rolls her eyes. I shrug and smile. She turns back around. I notice she doesn’t have much in her cart. After the person in front of her is finished, the cashier asks, “How is everything today?” Of course the cashier had no way of knowing what was coming next. This woman begins to unleash a verbal onslaught about everything that is wrong with the way the cashier is doing her job, the way the store is being managed, how she couldn’t find anything she was looking for, and basically how she could fix eve

The Mimi Georges Show-The Broken Foster Care System

Shenandoah Chefalo was abused and neglected as a child by her mother and step-father. At the age of 13, she was abandoned so she registered herself for foster care. Things didn't get much better. Against the odds, she attended and graduated college. Now, she's advocating for fixing our broken foster care system. Her memoir is, Garbage Bag Suitcase. WATCH NOW

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